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Electrostatic Spraying: The "Factory Finish"

Electrostatic spraying is the preferred method of paint application for metal furniture. It produces a flawless finish, bringing new life to shabby or dated pieces. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing them new, we can refinish file cabinets, shelves, partitions, or any other metal surfaces. Choose from extensive palettes of colors by the best manufacturers, including Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Benjamin Moore. From classic, understated hues to bold, energizing shades, we have the color to perfectly complement your office style.

Electrostatic spray technology provides highly efficient paint application with a minimum of overspray. This allows us to work on site, with no damage to carpeting, walls, or nearby furnishings. Within just a few hours of application, the paint dries to a smooth, hard, durable finish. You won't recognize your old furniture! And by helping to reduce landfill waste, this is an option you can feel good about.