OFS Services

Furniture Rental & Leasing: We Have What You Need

For companies large and small, there are times when it makes sense to rent or lease furniture, especially during expansion, relocation, or a start-up phase. Our 60,000 square-feet warehouse is stocked with an immense selection of high-quality office furnishings from major manufacturers. OFS has cubicles, chairs, desks, tables, file cabinets, and storage units—all in excellent condition and ready for immediate delivery.

Renting gives you the freedom to keep the furniture for any length of time and to exchange pieces as your business needs change. There are no minimum contract obligations.

For those whose needs are more determinate, a fixed-term lease plan can provide additional savings. Leasing covers 100% of the costs of the furniture, including delivery and installation, without the down payment required on a traditional loan.

More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies rent or lease furniture—many from us. Here are some of the reasons why:

No Capital Outlay: Renting and leasing are affordable. They allow you to save your capital for revenue-generating investments.

No Credit-Line Tapping: Furniture is a depreciating asset, so it is smarter to rent or lease than to purchase on credit and pay interest.

Tax Reduction: Unlike loan payments, rent and lease payments are usually deductible as an operational expense.

Fixed Payments: Your payments stay the same, even if interest rates or inflation increase.