You Vs. The Phone Tree


The corporate phone-tree jungle may be remote, but it’s no Shangri-La. The average caller is ill-equipped to navigate these impossible labyrinths, riddled with clever traps, well-disguised dead-ends, and bottomless pits of eternal hold. Unprepared, many a weary consumer has wandered through these shadowy hinterlands, on course to certain doom.  


Automated systems, seemingly designed to keep callers from reaching the holy grail of customer service (a live person), have now met their match. These simple, free tools allow you to triumph over epic-scale obstacles and to reach a rep in record time.


Here’s How:


To get connected directly to a rep at hundreds of well-known companies, visit either of following Web sites. Their methods are slightly different, but the end result is the same: satisfaction!


www.Fonolo.com - From the home page, enter the name of the company you wish to contact in the search box. Click on the appropriate department/phone number, then enter your phone number in the box. Fonolo will call the company, then call your phone and bridge the calls. Fonolo also posts visual maps of companies’ phone-tree menus, in case you want to be connected at a specific point, rather than directly to a rep. In case you’re wondering, there is no software to install, and it works with any phone.


www.ContactHelp.com - From the home page, enter the name of the company you wish to contact in the search box. Dial the phone number provided, and follow the instructions listed (on the page). This site is a user-maintained resource, so occasionally a listing may include a phone number only, without any further instructions; overall, however, all the information you need to reach a rep is listed. 

Yes, it really is this easy! Use it, and you’ll never get lost in the phone-tree jungle again!