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Liquidation Services: Answers To Excess Inventory

Office furniture liquidation is an all-around great solution. The seller is relieved of encumbering furnishings and receives a nice sum, and the buyer saves money on a product whose life is being extended in many more years of service. Both parties get what they want, and it’s good for the planet, too.    
OFS offers three services designed to help you liquidate your surplus furniture. Whatever your financial requirements and project timelines, one of our options is sure to work for you.
Product Acquisition
The most traditional approach to bulk liquidation, this option can prevent operational downtime, lease lapse, and loss of company focus. OFS purchases the inventory at an agreed-upon price, less the cost of dismantling, packing, and shipping, then immediately takes title and delivery of the goods.
Disposition Management
This approach is ideal for those who have a more flexible project timeline and want to realize the maximum return for their inventory. Experienced OFS staff manages the entire disposition process through revenue sharing with our network of online and offline marketplaces. Acting in a broker capacity, we offer the inventory to our clients at prices above traditional bulk-liquidation valuations, without the incurrence of costly fulfillment and resource obligations.

Workstation Valuation Credit
This trade-in system provides excellent value to those who want to upgrade to newer furniture or to change the current model, color, or height of their existing pieces as cost efficiently as possible. After assessing the inventory, one of our project managers assigns a per-station credit, based on age and condition. That credit may be used for an immediate purchase of new or used furniture from our existing inventory, or at a later date, from our ever-evolving stock of new inventory.