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OFS Solutions announces a contract with City of New York to Provide Re-manufactured Workstations


OFS Solutions announces a contract with City of New York to Provide Re-manufactured Workstations


New York, NY: February 6, 2014:  OFS Solutions (OFS) is pleased to announce that they have renewed an agreement to provide Re-manufactured workstations for the City of New York.  They will be the sole supplier of Herman Miller AO-2 workstations through August 31, 2015.


The contract with OFS was awarded after a comprehensive bid process.  The bid requires that OFS will conduct all space planning and design activity and will be the interface with NYC agencies.  

All city agencies have been given a mandate to reduce expenditures while at the same time become a greener environment. By using remanufactured workstations, both objectives can be achieved, Burt Hochstein, CEO of OFS Solutions commented, "We were able to show the city agencies that by reupholstering existing stations, using new worktops where necessary and painting all the trim, we were able to provide stations virtually identical to new stations but at a significant cost savings."


A spokesperson for the City said, "We were extremely impressed with quality and professionalism of both the work and the personnel of OFS.  We have been using their services for the past five years and have been extremely impressed with their ability to meet our many varied needs. In addition the price savings and the use of green products are major benefits to the residents of New York City."  


About OFS Solutions:

OFS has been providing office furniture and office maintenance services for over fifty-two years.  They are the only furniture company that provides a turnkey solution to institutions by providing all services necessary - this includes refinishing, upholstery, millwork, polishing, furniture sales and refurbishing existing furniture.  Recent clients include Beth Israel Medical Center, CrownePlaza Hotel, TimeWarner, ConEdison, and Richline Industries a Warren Buffet owned company. Office cubicles, office suites and seating ideas are available at www.ofssolutions.com.


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Burt Hochstein

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