OFS Services

Office Design & Space Planning: 
The Harmony Of Perfect Balance

If chaos is the natural order of things, then the attainment of a well-ordered office environment is no accident. It requires specialized knowledge, thoughtful planning, and clever solutions. The resourceful design professionals at OFS are adept in planning and designing space to maximize productivity. We approach each project from a multi-angled perspective, taking into consideration the many aesthetic, ergonomic, and technical factors.

OFS addresses issues such as teleconferencing, computer projection, multimedia presentation, video conferencing, wiring, cabling, and fiber optics. We discuss our clients' business philosophies as well as personnel and organizational needs. Some companies require an open floor plan for ease of communication and workflow; others function more efficiently with a compartmentalized design that facilitates privacy and noise reduction. We create attractive, practical solutions for every situation.

Whatever your particular needs may be, we can design a sophisticated and comfortable environment that will help your business to run smoothly and to be successful.