OFS Services

Wood Refinishing: A Long-Lasting Solution

Wood is one of our most enduring, valuable resources, so it makes sense economically and environmentally to preserve the life of your wood furniture. Beneath the battered surfaces of old pieces often lies hardy, solid material that will last for years to come. Refinishing can restore age-worn furniture to its original, lustrous beauty.

The expert craftspeople at OFS Solutions, have more than 200 years of combined experience with refinishing. We devote painstaking care to each piece, removing scuffed, scratched, and water-stained finishes; filling in chips and cracks; and repairing or replacing missing parts. After alternating gentle sanding sessions with applications of rich color and protective sealant, we administer several coats of gleaming varnish. You will be amazed with the end result!

Keeping our clients' convenience in mind, we work on-site whenever possible. If more extensive work is necessary, we transport the furniture to our refinishing center. With OFS refinishing solutions, the benefits are easy to measure: like-new furniture for less money, premium customer service, and a reduction in the environmental impact of manufacturing. It's the common-sense solution!