OFS Services

Reupholstery: The Smarter, Greener Choice

Reupholstering furnishings can completely transform any office environment. New colors and textures give fresh vibrancy to dull, uninspired space. Resilient supporting materials rejuvenate sagging, deflated, or stiff pieces, updating them to modern standards of comfort.
But the benefits go beyond a mere face-lift. Reupholstery is a cost-saving, environmentally responsible alternative to purchasing new furniture. It allows you to choose the look you want while greatly increasing the life and durability of your old chairs and sofas. 
At OFS, we approach the craft from the perspectives of art and science. Our process is thorough; only when our master upholsterers certify that the piece has met our exacting standards for functionality and aesthetics do we approve it for shipment. 

We also can accommodate unique requests. We have provided reupholstery services for many different types of businesses, in a variety of settings, including lobbies and elevator corridors in luxury and boutique hotels; banquettes in spas; conference rooms with padded walls in office buildings; on university campuses; and in high-end apartments.
OFS can reupholster your old pieces to look and feel like brand-new while saving you a substantial amount of money. And by choosing to extend the life of your furniture, you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing a good thing for our planet.